How to Clean Your Carpet Like a Pro

Even though a wide array of flooring products (wood, stone, bamboo, vinyl, tile, laminate, etc.) are available in the market today, the use of carpet has remained a popular choice among residential or commercial property owners.

One major reason for its popularity is the warmth and softness it can give to a living or working space. A dull room suddenly looks put together if a strategically placed carpet is added. A boring conference room will look inviting if a brightly coloured carpet is added near the conference area.

Another reason for the popularity of carpets is the fact that it requires minimal upkeep and less maintenance. To keep it looking fresh and new, you just need to vacuum it frequently and have it deep-cleaned occasionally.

As a flooring material, carpet comes with many benefits. But no matter how much effort you put into keeping it immaculate and pristine, your carpet will accumulate dirt, grime and stains, pet hair, or dust mites sooner or later.

You may think that frequently using the vacuum can sort it out. Sometimes, it simply isn’t enough. An unwashed carpet is a magnet for dust mites. Dust mites don’t just ruin the look of your carpet, it can put you at risk of skin or breathing problems as you may become allergic to them.

To deal with this matter or any carpet stains you may have, you need to reach deep into the carpet. This is where all the gritty particles, dirt, and germs stay hidden underneath the surface.

So whether your carpet has taken its toll from daily foot traffic, shoe stains from mud outside the house, or a spill of red wine, you can actually learn to handle these messes like a professional.

There is a method on how to clean your carpet like a pro. If you are looking for tips on how to make your carpet last longer, how to make your carpet look better, how to vacuum, deep clean, and remove stains from your carpet, you can do it like a pro by using these tips.

How to clean carpet stains

For the majority of carpet stains, just follow these steps.

  • Prepare two spray bottles and a cup of warm water. Fill one empty spray bottle with cold water and the other one with any mild dishwashing liquid.
  • Spray the dishwashing liquid solution onto a microfibre cloth and dab. You don’t want the microfibre cloth to be soaking wet. Make it wet enough that you can dab it on the area that needs surface cleaning. Just dab and do not rub. As soon as the stain begins to dissolve, blot the area with the clean section of the microfibre cloth. Repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.
  • Spray cold water onto another microfibre cloth and use this to rinse any dishwashing liquid off from the carpet. Blot it with a dry microfibre cloth, or any cloth available to you, thereafter.  
  • Create a pile of paper towels on the cleaned area and place something heavy on top of it. The paper towels will absorb the residual stain that you have left in the carpet. After leaving it overnight, remove the paper towels, fluff the carpet fibres and allow them to dry.

If you are unable to remove the stain using this method, read on and find out how you can deal with a specific type of stain.

Pet Stains

Yes, we all love our pets but it doesn’t hide away the fact that they may leave some unwanted stains every now and then. As much as we hate cleaning after them, it is advisable to work on the stains as soon as we spot them.

Pet stains need more than just the cleaning power of detergents. You need a cleaner with special enzymes to combat the odour-causing bacteria of urine and faecal matter.  

Just follow the steps we have mentioned earlier. The only difference here is you need to substitute the detergent solution with a cleaner packed special enzymes. Some brands are so effective in removing the cause of odour that it keeps your pets from soiling the same spot again and again. That is something worth taking note of.

Red Wine Stains

When you’ve got red on your carpet, work on it as soon as you can. Blot the wet area with a dry cloth or paper towel and let it absorb as much of the red wine as possible.

After taking away as much liquid as possible, saturate the affected area with any of the following:

  • any strong detergent
  • any dishwashing liquid
  • 2 tablespoons of vinegar with baking 1/4 cup salt or baking soda
  • mix one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and one tablespoon of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water
  • commercial wine stain removers
  • club soda
  • hydrogen peroxide

By using any of these solutions and following the basic steps on the second part of this blog, you can say ‘goodbye’ to that annoying red splotch.

Coffee stains

If coffee makes your morning ritual complete, chances are you have spilt it more than once in your home or workplace. Just like the other stains, you should blot the liquid as much as you can. Then apply your preferred cleaning mixture or solution.

  • detergent
  • mix one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and one tablespoon of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water
  • commercial stain remover
  • lemon juice (it can make dark spots appear lighter)

After applying the cleaning solution, rinse the area well. You can also sprinkle baking soda over the area to absorb excess moisture. To remove the baking soda, you can vacuum clean the area after a few minutes.

How to clean your carpets by hand

If you simply want to clean your carpet to make it look fresh and last longer, just follow these simple steps.

  • First, avoid your carpets from getting stains and spills.
  • If stains and spills are unavoidable, take care of it immediately by following the stain removing tips mentioned earlier.
  • Use a carpet shampoo when washing your carpets. It is advisable to wash it every three months. You can rent a carpet cleaning machine if you don’t want to do it by hand.
  • To remove impression marks or indents on the carpet, rub an ice cube over it.   
  • If there are dried or deep-seated stains, pre-treat the area before cleaning your carpet.
  • As much as possible, do not overwet the carpet to avoid coloured dyes from seeping through.
  • To dry spot treated areas, try using a hair dryer.
  • As a final touch, vacuum the entire surface of the carpet, especially the edges.

Repeat the process at least 4 times in a year then go ahead and be proud of your hard work.

Why not save your time and contact the professionals here at 4 Cleaner Carpets on 01245 227555

Dealing with Covid-19

With COVID-19 at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it’s only natural that people are concerned about keeping things clean. There are growing concerns about which products can help to eliminate the spread of the virus, as many anti-bacterial products will not protect us against viruses. 
We are still open for business as normal at 4CleanerCarpets, and we are working to find products that can effectively tackle viruses and bacteria. 
While bleach is one of the best products out there to remove the threat of viruses and bacteria, it can be very harmful to people and can only be used on certain surfaces – you won’t catch us cleaning your sofa with bleach! There are other products out there that can do the same job on a variety of surfaces, and we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our cleaning services.
There is a new product on the market which is proven to prevent the spread of both bacteria and viruses. Alltec Virus & Bacteria Eliminators are the latest products that we are using to ensure that your home or business is as clean as can be. These products are proven to eliminate viruses and bacteria such as:

  • Strep
  • Strap
  • Norovirus
  • Influenza
  • Adenovirus – Avian Bronchitis Virus – Canine Distemper Virus – Canine Parvovirus –
  • Feline Calici Virus (SRSV) – Feline Leukaemia Virus – Feline Panleukopaenia Virus –
  • Feline Picornavirus – Hepatitis B Virus – Herpes Simplex Type 1 (HSV 1)
  • Herpes Simplex Type 2 – Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) – Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Virus
  • Influenza Virus Type A – Newcastle Disease Virus – Porcine Parvovirus – Pseudorabies Virus
  • Rabies Virus – Respiratory Syncytial Virus – Rubella Virus – Transmissible Gastroenteritis
  • Vaccinia Virus – Coronavirus
  • Yeasts, fungi and moulds:
  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes
  • Candida albicans
  • Aspergillus niger

The products are best applied as a spray mist and left for a while to settle. It’s crucial to avoid using cloths with these products as they can become cross-contaminated and riddled with bacteria, which means you’ll be undoing all the hard work! 

While these products haven’t yet been tested on the recent strand of coronavirus, COVID-19, testing on similar viruses has been very effective. Alltec products act as Anti-Microbial, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Fungal Sanitising Pre-Cleaners and we highly recommend them.

How clean are your carpets?

Carpet Cleaning in Chelmsford Essex
Close up of Vacuuming dirty cream coloured carpet.

You might think your carpets are fine, but do you ever wonder what that lingering smell is? Are you confused about why your carpet looks multiple different shades? There’s a simple answer – your carpet is dirty!

A dirty carpet isn’t great for your home. Not only can your carpet look unappealing and tired, but it can also flare up any allergy problems. 

But how can you know if your carpet is dirty? Well, think about this: when was the last time your carpet was cleaned? If it’s been over a year, then it’s definitely about time to get it cleaned! While frequent hoovering can help, it often isn’t enough to get all the dirt out. Your carpet can become riddled with dirt, grime and even mould if it’s in damp conditions, so be sure to hoover and clean it regularly. 

Some stains are impossible to remove without professional help, and as a result, they’re often left or covered up – don’t do this! As soon as something is spilt try and clean it up as quickly as possible to prevent a stain. If you weren’t quick enough, then enlist the help of a professional cleaner!

Having a clean carpet is essential to your health, and cleaning your carpet often is even more vital when you have children and pets. Pets and children can create an extra mess, but it’s also important to protect them from bacteria. 

If your carpet is spotless, smells fresh and is soft to the touch then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. It can be difficult to keep your carpet this fresh, however, so getting a professional carpet cleaner in every now and again is a must!

If your carpet is dirty and needs to be cleaned, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We offer a full, professional carpet cleaning service – no matter how dirty, we can clean it!

Eco-friendly cleaning products vs regular cleaning products

Eco friendly cleaning products

If you’re anything like us, you’ll like a fresh, clean home, with shiny windows and spotless carpets. This doesn’t stop with homeowners either; businesses like their spaces to be immaculate too. So, is it better to use regular chemical-based cleaning products or eco-friendly cleaning products? We explore them both below: 

Are chemical cleaning products better? 

The initial reaction to eco-friendly cleaning products is often that they are in some way less effective than chemical-based products. However, eco-friendly products are just as powerful and effective as their chemical counterparts and are significantly safer to use. After all, what good is a clean house or business if it’s unsafe for its inhabitants?

Do chemical products harm nature? 

Chemical cleaners may get the job done, but they are also guilty of being corrosive to the equipment in your space. Eco-friendly products remove this worry, without compromising on the quality and strength of the products. For example, harsh bleach used to clean out toilets will be washed away into sewer systems and eventually into the waterways. Having said that, chemical products are easier and often cheaper to purchase and can be good at tackling tough stains. 

Which one is better?

Eco-friendly products ensure children, pets and items around your house are kept safe and enjoyable for everyone. You also have the added benefit of changing your cleaning habits and positively affecting nature and the world around you. Chemical cleaning products can be more convenient to use but they don’t have any particular benefit that can’t be obtained with an eco-friendly alternative. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference!  4 Cleaner Carpets are an Essex-based cleaning company dedicated to providing top-quality cleaning services to their customers. You can check out our other articles here, or contact us for a free, no-obligation quote here.

What are the toughest stains to remove from carpet

coffee spillage

Creating a spillage on your carpet can often mean disaster! But what are the toughest carpet stains to remove and how can you remove them?


Whether you’re late for work and dashing out the door, or just having your friends over for a cuppa, a coffee spillage is the last thing you need. To remove the stain, blot it with a clean cloth to start with. Afterwards, you can make a solution containing white vinegar and washing up liquid to rub into the stain until it disappears. 

Pet Urine

If you own a feline or dog then you might be familiar with this one. Cats will often do their business in a litter tray and dogs outside in the garden, but sometimes they can have accidents! Aside from the terrible smell, these stains can be tough to get rid of. As soon as you can, blot the stain, next you can mix white vinegar and baking soda (into a spray bottle if you’re able) and apply it to the stain. Let it sit, blot, and repeat until the stain is gone. 


There’s nothing worse than a pen exploding! It’s a stubborn stain if it happens to get on your carpet. Spray hair sprays onto the ink stain and use a cloth to blot the stain. Keep repeating the process until the stain disappears, and vacuum away any excess traces of ink once it is dry. 

Red Wine

Probably the toughest of all, red wine doesn’t smell as bad as some other spillages but the colour alone can ruin your carpet! A large red wine mark on a cream coloured carpet is the stuff of nightmares. To remove the stain, create a solution of washing up liquid, white vinegar and water. Use a cloth to blot the mixture onto the wine stain until the stain disappears. The sooner you act, the better!

Be sure to always pre-test the cleaning product on a small area of your carpet to ensure no colour loss or damage!

Getting rid of stains with a professional cleaner

Trying to remove stains can take up a lot of time, and you may not always be successful! Use of the above methods (if unsuccessful) may reduce the chance of complete stain removal by even a professional carpet cleaner. So, why not hire a professional cleaning company to do it for you from the get-go? Here at 4 Cleaner Carpets, we can clean your carpets until they look good as new – contact us today to find out more. 

Bringing your leather back to life

Leather sofas and chairs are a practical solution when you have a young family or pets. Leather is a durable, long-lasting and easy to clean material. But what do you do when your leather is showing some wear and tear and you want it to look like new? Well, below we share some top tips on bringing your leather back to life.

Leather Cleaning Services

Always read the label

Before deciding to clean your leather sofa or chair, it is incredibly important that you read the upholstery label, or sticker if one is available. If not, then look up the make and model online and read the care instructions. It should tell you if you can use solvents or water-based only cleaners, and if it should be dry cleaned or steam cleaned. Using the wrong type of cleaning method or solvent can damage the leather.

Get rid of any surface dirt

One thing that you can do to give the leather an instant boost is to get rid of any surface dirt or dust. You’ll be surprised at the difference this makes. The best way to do this is with the vacuum brush tool, as it is gentle on the leather. Remove all cushions and any throws before you begin. The crevice tool can get down the sides and back of the sofa, removing any unwanted crumbs and dust.

Should you use a cleaning solution?

So, you’ve read the label, but are you brave enough to begin cleaning? Just be sure that you are using the correct cleaner and that you do a patch test before you begin, somewhere that will not be seen.

For best results, use the professionals

When you want your leather sofa to look like new, the best option is to use a professional cleaning company. They have the skills, knowledge and tools to clean your leather furniture thoroughly and safely.

Here at 4 Cleaner Carpets, we offer a leather cleaning service for sofas, armchairs and dining chairs. To learn more, simply get in touch with us today.

Deep clean for Christmas

Have your home deep cleaned before Christmas.

Christmas is usually a hectic time for everyone, there’s so much going on. From events to parties, wrapping presents to putting up the Christmas tree, the run-up to the big day takes some organising. If you get a little stressed, housework can take a back seat. This is the perfect time to think about using the services of a professional cleaning team.Deep Cleaning Services for Christmas

Put your feet up and relax as deep cleaning technicians clean your home from top to bottom.

Get your home ready for Christmas by arranging to have:-

– Carpets deep cleaned
– Upholstery cleaned
– Rug cleaning
– Leather spruced up
– Curtains cleaned in situ
– Stains removed

Reasons to deep clean your commercial premises over Christmas

As Christmas approaches, cleaning your commercial premises or office space is probably not a priority. There will be so many other things to think about, meeting work deadlines, looking after customers and arranging staff nights out.

Having your commercial premises or office space deep cleaned either just before or after Christmas is a great idea. An experienced cleaning team can provide high quality, deep cleaning services without disturbing anyone. Here are just a few of the many benefits:-

– Carpet cleaning: after you return to work after the Christmas celebrations, your carpets will look as good as new and the offices will smell fresh and clean.

– Thorough clean: a deep clean is ideal to have any commercial building or office area looking spic and span. It will leave the workspace sanitised and hygienic while offering a welcome return to staff after their Christmas holiday.

Here at 4 Cleaner Carpets, we take great pride in offering high quality, deep cleaning services. Whether you require your home or commercial premises to be deep cleaned for Christmas, contact us today.

Top Tips on keeping your office carpet clean

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Office Carpet Cleaning

While it is best practice to hire a cleaning company to deep clean the office carpets regularly it is a great idea to take extra care of them in order to prevent unnecessary dirt between these deep cleans as well as prolonging the life of the carpets.

Nothing makes an office look more drab, un-cared for and unprofessional than stained and dirty carpets. It is unpleasant for both staff and visitors.

High Traffic Areas

In high traffic areas like the entrance, reception and corridors, carpets should be stain-guarded. It is also advisable to install mats both inside and outside the door for people to wipe wet and dirty feet as they enter.

During times of poor weather – which in the UK can be all year round – rugs and runners can be placed in these high traffic areas. They will prevent the carpet from getting unnecessarily dirty.

And, rugs and runners are cheaper and easier to clean when they do get dirty.

Also, bear in mind that when they do get worn rugs and runners are cheaper to replace than a carpet.

Wear and Tear

Areas under desks take a battering and plastic matting is an option to protect the carpet from wear and tear from chair wheels as well as ground-in dirt from shoes. These are easy to clean and replace and they offer protection to the carpet beneath.

However, it’s not only chairs that are moved around the office causing damage to the carpets. Whenever equipment (photocopiers, servers) is moved around the office plastic runners should be laid. This will prevent staining and damage to the carpets.

Clean Culture

If the office looks clean and fresh it won’t be difficult to instil in staff a culture of cleanliness and maintaining the office atmosphere.

Let all office staff know where carpet cleaning wipes or sprays are kept in case of a small spillage of tea or coffee.

In the incident of a larger spillage, they should contact management immediately so they can arrange for a cleaning service.

Cleaning Service

Even if you carry out everything to maintain your office carpets cleanliness it’s still important to have regular professional cleans along the lines of a daily vacuum and mopping up of spillages as well as weekly surface cleaning.

Regular deep cleans will also ensure that the carpets remain bright and clean and with care, a carpet can last for decades. Contact us today to arrange your office carpet clean.

How carpet cleaning works

carpet cleaning equipment

Carpet Cleaning Machine

Your carpets do a wonderful job of keeping your feet cosy and warm, insulating against noise and making your home look beautiful. However, to get the best from your carpets they need to be maintained well. Regular vacuuming can only do so much, so when it comes to removing stains and restoring your carpets to their original glory, only professional carpet cleaning will do.

What is a professional carpet cleaning?

Professional carpet cleaning involves state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that uses a unique hot water extraction cleaning technique. The cleaning process is efficient, effective and results in faster drying times than other carpet cleaning methods.

Here are the stages of the hot water extraction carpet cleaning process:

1. Clean water is mixed with gentle and environmentally-friendly cleaning detergents and is heated in the water compartment of the cleaning equipment.

2. The cleaning fluid is then applied at high pressure directly to the carpet, dislodging dirt and dust particles and removing bacteria from every fibre.

3. Stubborn stains can also be removed using hot water extraction, either with the same cleaning solution or by using a more intensive solution that further softens and degreases the stain.

4. Once the entire carpet has been cleaned, the same machine is used to extract up to 95% of the moisture that has been left in your carpet following the cleaning process.

Thanks to the efficient operation of carpet cleaning equipment and fast drying times, your carpets can be cleaned quickly and be ready for use again within a few hours. Drying times with this type of carpet cleaning are typically two to three hours, giving you peace of mind if you have a busy household. Our technician will ensure that absolutely no residue remains and that all carpets are left in perfect condition. Hot water extraction cleaning can also be used on rugs and upholstery such as curtains and even sofas.

Top 4 Benefits Of Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Top 4 Benefits Of Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Top 4 Benefits Of Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services
Everyone gives their sofas and chairs a lot of care and attention when they are first bought as you want to keep them looking pristine. It probably took you a while to find the perfect furniture for your home, so of course, you are going to take care of it. But, over time, your upholstery will absorb lots of food, dust, dirt and animal fur. Although you still try your best to clean up the crumbs and spills, regular cleaning is not enough to remove all the dirt that is hidden deep within the gaps.

It requires knowledge, skill and time when you rent a carpet and upholstery cleaning machine. And who can find the time for cleaning in their hectic schedules? Therefore, hiring a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner would be the best option.

Listed below are the top 4 benefits of using a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service:

Protect your upholstery

Yes, you may have a basic knowledge of how to clean your sofa, but a professional upholstery cleaning technicians are well-trained and know how to properly clean each type of sofa. If the wrong cleaning product is applied to your sofa, it could cause damage to the material and potentially tear your furniture.

Fresh and clean air

Professional cleaning companies use special industrial-strength vacuum cleaning machines to remove all the dust, dirt and dry contaminants from your sofas and carpets. When deciding which cleaning products and technique to be used, safety should be your top priority, because there are many cleaning products which are available in the stores that can be toxic and dangerous. It is better to hire a professional cleaning company because they use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and take all the necessary precautions.

Remove the toughest stains

Professional upholstery cleaning companies are experienced in removing tough stains like wine, ketchup and animal mess from any type of sofa. These stains are hard to remove and require more than just scrubbing. Depending on the type of furniture you may consider hiring a professional fabric sofa cleaner as they will know the proven methods and efficient equipment that can remove even the toughest stains without damaging your furniture.


Aside from removing tough stains and deep dirt, you would really be amazed by how a professional sofa cleaning company can restore your upholstery to its original beauty. In addition, when you use professional deep cleaning service regularly, you can extend the durability and retain the original colours of your sofa.

4 Cleaner Carpets have been in the industry for many years. We specialise all aspects of carpet and upholstery cleaning. So if you are ready to schedule your professional upholstery cleaning, give us now a call on 01245 227555 or schedule an appointment to see how we can help you.