Cleaning Packages

Contact us today to find the perfect carpet & upholstery cleaning package for you – suiting both your needs and your budget.


We offer three cleaning packages – Basic Clean Only, Clean & Protect and Healthy Home.

We have a brand new machine, superior cleaning products and leaving customers thrilled with outstanding results.  Our superior hot water extraction system removes the daily build-up of dirt and grime on carpets and soft furnishings, whilst being kind, caring and safe for today’s homes and the occupants.


Basic Cleaning Package

A professional deep-down clean.

    • A complete pre-inspection and spot testing.
    • Move small furniture items (items that can be moved by a single technician).
    • Thorough vacuuming with a professional-grade vacuum (if needed).
    • Thoroughly clean carpets & fabric, delivered by professionally trained technicians.
    • Removal of most spots.
    • Brushing and grooming carpet pile after cleaning.
    • Rapid drying; most carpets dry in 1-2 hours & upholstery dry in 4-6 hours.




Clean & Protect Package

Refresh & restore factory stain-resistant treatments

    • The Clean & Protect package includes all elements of the Clean only package such as a thoroughly deep down professional clean, delivered by professionally trained technicians.
    • PLUS: Apply stain protection solution to refresh and restore factory stain-resistant treatments.




Healthy Home Package

For allergy sufferers, families & pet owners

    • The Healthy Home Premium Package includes all elements of the Basic & Clean & Protect Packages such as thoroughly deep down professional clean & professionally applied stain protection to restore factory stain-resistant treatment.
    • PLUS: Professionally applied deodoriser/ sanitiser to reduce unhealthy bacteria in your carpets & fabrics and/or other treatment.




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