How To Keep A Clean And Healthy Home

Most people pride themselves on keeping a clean home with housework being a regular activity, using a variety of cleaning products.

However, your home may not be as clean and germ-free as you hope.

Carpets, like a heating filter, traps all kinds of dirt meaning your carpet, especially in high traffic areas can contain as much as four times its weight in dust, dirt, pet hair, dead skin and bacteria.

While a regular vacuum can remove the surface dirt, a guaranteed way of ensuring your home is as clean and healthy as can be, is to have your carpets deep cleaned by professionals, such as the team here at 4Cleaner Carpets, at least once a year.

Not only will a professional carpet and upholstery clean ensure they look bright and fresh, but will also make your home a healthier place.

And don’t be lulled into thinking the sofa is any cleaner. A study by the Daily Express claims there may be more germs on the sofa than a toilet seat.

You spend a lot of time on the couch, relaxing and watching TV, recovering when you are sick, eating snacks, and petting the cat or the dog. Perhaps you run the vacuum over the couch but when was the last time it was cleaned.

Some sofa covers can be removed for easy cleaning, but many of them don’t, meaning if you want to clean a stain you have to scrub it by hand which can damage the fibres or wear the fabric out. Doing a complete clean of non-removable upholstery is almost impossible to do yourself.

A professional upholstery cleaner, however, will remove stains, and generally freshen up your upholstery as well as killing any bacteria and germs making the sofa a relaxing, safe haven for you and your family.

So if you would like to discuss your carpet or upholstery cleaning needs to contact the friendly team at 4Cleaner Carpets.