Carpet Cleaning Machine

Your carpets do a wonderful job of keeping your feet cosy and warm, insulating against noise and making your home look beautiful. However, to get the best from your carpets they need to be maintained well. Regular vacuuming can only do so much, so when it comes to removing stains and restoring your carpets to their original glory, only professional carpet cleaning will do.

What is a professional carpet cleaning?

Professional carpet cleaning involves state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that uses a unique hot water extraction cleaning technique. The cleaning process is efficient, effective and results in faster drying times than other carpet cleaning methods.

Here are the stages of the hot water extraction carpet cleaning process:

1. Clean water is mixed with gentle and environmentally-friendly cleaning detergents and is heated in the water compartment of the cleaning equipment.

2. The cleaning fluid is then applied at high pressure directly to the carpet, dislodging dirt and dust particles and removing bacteria from every fibre.

3. Stubborn stains can also be removed using hot water extraction, either with the same cleaning solution or by using a more intensive solution that further softens and degreases the stain.

4. Once the entire carpet has been cleaned, the same machine is used to extract up to 95% of the moisture that has been left in your carpet following the cleaning process.

Thanks to the efficient operation of carpet cleaning equipment and fast drying times, your carpets can be cleaned quickly and be ready for use again within a few hours. Drying times with this type of carpet cleaning are typically two to three hours, giving you peace of mind if you have a busy household. Our technician will ensure that absolutely no residue remains and that all carpets are left in perfect condition. Hot water extraction cleaning can also be used on rugs and upholstery such as curtains and even sofas.