Professional Carpet Cleaner
The carpet in your home occupies a huge area of your living space and the first thing every visitor notices when they enter the room, which is why you need to keep it tidy. No one wants a carpet full of dust and reeking of foul odours. Moreover, your carpet represents a sizeable monetary investment, so its best if you make it look like it’s worth the money.

To keep your carpet looking and performing at its best, 4 Cleaner Carpets recommends having your carpet professionally deep-cleaned every 12-18 months. Bear in mind that this recommendation does not apply to every carpet and can vary based on your particular circumstances. For example, some homes may need a professional carpet cleaning every 6 to 12 months if there are a lot of members in the household. It really depends on your personal preferences and house components.

We have compiled a few questions that may help you determine the proper cleaning frequency for your carpet:

Regular vacuum

Vacuuming at least once a week will make your carpet neat and pristine-looking. This is because vacuuming removes the loose particles on the surface of the carpet before they start abrading the fibres that make dust particles difficult to get rid of. In many cases, regular vacuuming allows you to save more time and effort to call for professional cleaning. But recent studies show that it doesn’t really matter how often you vacuum, you will eventually need to call a professional carpet cleaner to extract the deep dust and dirt from your carpet. And if you don’t have time to vacuum your home as often as you like, now is probably the time to schedule a professional cleaning to preserve the quality of your carpet.

Does household have allergies?

Carpet fibres act as a filter and as the months pass, allergy-inducing particles can build-up in the carpet. If this continues to progress, these particles will become airborne again whenever someone walks across the carpet. Only a thorough cleaning can remove these allergens and maintain a healthy home environment.

Indoor pets

Regular cleaning is extra important if you have indoor pets. Even well-trained pets can occasionally pee or poo anywhere when they feel like doing it. In addition to tracking outdoor grime into your home, pets can also distribute bacteria which can affect all family members. But you don’t have to get rid of your pets because frequent carpet cleaning will help neutralise the biological stains and smells produced by pets.

Shoes indoors

Shoes not only deliver dirt from the outside world, but it also brings in small particles of grit. This can cause the carpet fibres to wear prematurely and lose its quality. The more people residing in your home, the more shoe traffic your carpet is having to endure. Permanent and uneven patterns on your carpet will eventually become a lot harder to get rid of if you fail to address the root cause: dirt and grit.

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