Carpet Cleaning Essex
Are you planning to hold a few house parties this holiday season? Professional carpet cleaning can help you achieve a fresher and brighter venue for your merrymaking.

While it’s expected for the technician to handle the dirty work, there are steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of your experience and the best value for your money. Here are some of them:

Do a Thorough Vacuuming

When you get rid of the dust and debris on the upper layer of the fibre, the professional will be able to focus on the dirt and allergens that are soiled deep into your flooring. A good run of your vacuum will also enable you to take note of all of the patches, spills, stains, and other problem areas that you will want the technician to treat.

Take Away Light Furniture

A professional carpet cleaner is not licensed to move furnishings. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to secure your floor lamps, coffee tables, plant stands, and glass vases for the visit. Other things you should put away for the meantime are knick-knacks, collectables, fine china, portable electronics, valuables, and holiday decor to prevent any untoward incidents.

Keep Your Pets Contained

For obvious reasons, many technicians are not keen on entering homes with loose cats or dogs. No matter how docile your pet might seem, they may get frightened by the loud machines and run out of the house while hoses are being dragged in. It’s best to keep them out of the way in another part of your home or even at the pet daycare.

Prepare a Parking Spot

In the event that the carpet cleaner needs to use truck-mounted equipment, they will have to park their vehicle as close to an entry door as possible to run their hoses in. For this, you will need to relocate your family vehicles so they will not obstruct the work. You might want to ask about any parking restrictions in your neighbourhood ahead of time too.

Have Your Walls Protected

As hoses are being pulled around during cleaning, you will find that they will rub against the baseboards and corners throughout your home. To prevent unsightly black marks from the cords and hoses, consider placing painter’s tape on areas that will potentially be affected, such as the base of your staircase. You can find this tape at your everyday hardware store.

Just follow the steps above and you should be ready for your carpet cleaning appointment with us at 4CleanerCarpets.

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