Office Carpet Cleaning

While it is best practice to hire a cleaning company to deep clean the office carpets regularly it is a great idea to take extra care of them in order to prevent unnecessary dirt between these deep cleans as well as prolonging the life of the carpets.

Nothing makes an office look more drab, un-cared for and unprofessional than stained and dirty carpets. It is unpleasant for both staff and visitors.

High Traffic Areas

In high traffic areas like the entrance, reception and corridors, carpets should be stain-guarded. It is also advisable to install mats both inside and outside the door for people to wipe wet and dirty feet as they enter.

During times of poor weather – which in the UK can be all year round – rugs and runners can be placed in these high traffic areas. They will prevent the carpet from getting unnecessarily dirty.

And, rugs and runners are cheaper and easier to clean when they do get dirty.

Also, bear in mind that when they do get worn rugs and runners are cheaper to replace than a carpet.

Wear and Tear

Areas under desks take a battering and plastic matting is an option to protect the carpet from wear and tear from chair wheels as well as ground-in dirt from shoes. These are easy to clean and replace and they offer protection to the carpet beneath.

However, it’s not only chairs that are moved around the office causing damage to the carpets. Whenever equipment (photocopiers, servers) is moved around the office plastic runners should be laid. This will prevent staining and damage to the carpets.

Clean Culture

If the office looks clean and fresh it won’t be difficult to instil in staff a culture of cleanliness and maintaining the office atmosphere.

Let all office staff know where carpet cleaning wipes or sprays are kept in case of a small spillage of tea or coffee.

In the incident of a larger spillage, they should contact management immediately so they can arrange for a cleaning service.

Cleaning Service

Even if you carry out everything to maintain your office carpets cleanliness it’s still important to have regular professional cleans along the lines of a daily vacuum and mopping up of spillages as well as weekly surface cleaning.

Regular deep cleans will also ensure that the carpets remain bright and clean and with care, a carpet can last for decades. Contact us today to arrange your office carpet clean.