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Cycling to raise money for Parkinson’s UK

UPDATE  – Cycling to raise money for Parkinson’s UK

In April this year, you may remember, Ian was deliberately pushed off his bike by a passenger in a car, whilst riding in a time trial.  Ian sustained mainly facial injuries and although the local and national newspaper and Essex Radio interviewed Ian on the Sadie Nine breakfast show.  Unfortunately, the police were unable to trace the culprits.Ian Jackson - Owner of 4 Cleaner Carpets - Cycling Abuse 2017

However, this has not deterred him from riding his bike and I am pleased to let everyone know that Ian is back to full fitness and time trailing once again.

In addition, Ian is to do a charity bike ride starting on 22nd September raising money for Parkinson’s UK. He and his 3 colleagues from the Shaftesbury Cycling Club, his brother Gary, Matt Steel and Sam Thienel will be riding a total of 500 miles in three days including 26,500 ft of climbing around Normandy and Brittany.

Sam has an aunt who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the early age of only 34, one of the youngest people in the UK ever to contract the illness. She works as hard as her illness will allow raising money for the charity, and this is our chance to help her and all the other sufferers of this debilitating illness.

If you know anyone who suffers from Parkinson’s, or if you would just like to help research into this horrible illness, you can pledge your support via our Virgin Money page;

Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Shaftesbury Cycling Club’s fundraising page

Matt Steel, Ian Jackson, Gary Jackson, Sam Thienel is raising money for Extra Mile Challenges by taking part in the Brittany Challenge. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.

Thank you in advance for your generous support,

Ian Jackson (Owner of 4 Cleaner Carpets), Gary, Matt & Sam.