Leather furniture is as expensive as it is luxurious. Therefore, you want it to last a lifetime.

One way of ensuring your leather furniture lasts is regular cleaning and maintenance. The following is a guide on how to clean leather furniture.

Steps for cleaning leather furniture

The first step is to gather the following supplies:

• A vacuum cleaner
• A mild detergent
• Micro-fibre pieces of cloth

1. Remove debris

Vacuum your leather furniture using the soft brush attachment to remove debris. Pay extra attention to the crevices, as this is where most debris get stuck.

Dirt particles are abrasive. Meaning, when they come into contact with moisture as you clean the furniture, they can damage the material.

2. Wipe the furniture with a wet microfibre cloth

Mix water with a leather cleaning solution, soap, or white vinegar.

Dip the micro-fibre cloth in this solution, and gently scrub your furniture.

Make sure to wring the cloth thoroughly – you want it wet, not drenched. Excess liquid will leave the leather surface with stains.

3. Buff with a dry cloth

Do not rinse leather furniture with water. Instead, dry it with a dry piece of cloth.

Leather cleaning solutions condition the leather surface as you clean. But, if you notice the leather is dull, polish it using a soft brush.

Pro tip: Work in small sections, i.e., clean a small part, then dry the leather before moving to the next section. That helps to avoid water stains.

How often should you clean leather furniture?

Clean leather furniture as soon as you notice any dirt and stains on the surface. Allow dirt and stains for long, and it will be harder to clean your leather furniture.

Note that, most leather furniture comes with instructions on how to clean. These instructions are specific to the type of leather used, and they specify the type of detergent to use, and how to condition and polish the leather surface after cleaning.

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